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Upendo Rescue Centre

Upendo Rescue Centre is a charity organization run by volunteers, working for the benefit of less privileged children in Kenya. The word "Upendo" is a Kiswahili word meaning "LOVE”. Most of our work is geared towards educating, training and rehabilitate the abused, challenged and disadvantaged children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS epidemic and the neglected orphans in the slums of Kenya, but not exclusively.

Upendo was set up in January 2001 and registered in 2003 and hopes to show less fortunate children that through education, they can also get involved in making a difference in our country. Upendo hopes share the Love of God in a practical way with those who need it most. We endeavor to have a community that is free from poverty, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS epidemic and child neglected in our society. All support is welcome no matter how young or how old you are.

We are encouraging you to take up that challenge and get the people involved in you area. If you would like to represent Upendo wherever you live, read through this site for ways in which you can promote our work. We can supply you with necessary materials so that you can get your church, youth group, school or any other group involved.